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Google Friend Connect Discontinued

Google announced earlier that their service GFC 'Google Friend Connect' will be discontinued as from March 1st 2012. The official announcement can be read here. Guess they are in 'The spring cleaning mode', because they decided to close down more of their services like Google Bookmark Lists.

I have always used Google Friend Connect to link up with starting bloggers, many of them can be found at Bloggers.

As much as possible I mailed my 'followers' and friends on Google Friend Connect by e-mail. For me that was relatively a small task, but I have seen websites with 5000+ followers. They have their work cut out for them.

I switched to Google+ for my main Social Media platform. Go with the flow, things weren't always better 'the old way'. Time is moving!

So... If you still want to get the latest from Blogorama (or me) there are several options left:
#1 Circle me at the Google+ Bshokler .
#2 Follow me on Twitter: @shokler1.


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